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Opportunity Orange

Salem, Mass. | August 2014

Music can be defined as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

This expression of emotion was captured during a three-month long singing competition held in Orange Leaf Salem, Mass.

Through his connections, Tony Furtado-- general manger of Orange Leaf in Salem put together the competition to give locals with a passion in music an opportunity to express themselves and a chance win some amazing prizes. Tony called the competition “Opportunity Orange.”

Tony is passionate about music, and you could tell from how well he planned the competition. Tony also received much needed help from Orange Leaf headquarters (HQ) as part of Orange Leaf’s 2014 Community Service Initiative. HQ awarded grants of up to $2,500 to more than 20 stores April of this year, as part of the annual Initiative. Stores were able to apply for grants to support their local partnerships and community service events.

Tony and his staff applied and received $1,000 in support of Opportunity Orange.

Through his connections, Tony was able to reach some well-known local musicians and producers to judge the competition throughout the spring. A lot of young students with a passion for music signed up and were excited about the opportunity.

Orange Leaf HQ caught up with Tony and Salem, Mass franchisee Dave Pierre before the semifinal showdown of Opportunity Orange. The event was held two weeks before students were out of school for summer.

The store was jam packed with over 150 people present to see the semifinalists in action. Some fans even had to stand outside with the door open-- it was simply amazing!

One of the judges for the event was Tana Miller, mother of last year’s American Idol third place contestant Angie Miller. The American singer-songwriter who was a fan-favorite on the twelfth season of American Idol is a native of Beverly, Mass. Music enthusiasts and American Idol fans in Massachusetts are in love with Angie, and having her mother at the event was more than enough.

The fans had no idea that Tana had arranged for Angie to show up through the backdoor at the end of the show to perform a few songs.

Words cannot describe the scene in the store when Angie walked into the store. The fans were screaming her name and were in shock. Angie had the store rocking. Fans sang along and had a great time. The concert-like atmosphere was unbelievable.

After rocking the store, Angie jumped into the Orange Leaf limo with the final nine contestants and took them all on a pizza date. The lives of those kids are changed forever. 

The Opportunity Orange finale is being held in September at the local YMCA theatre, and Angie has agreed to fly back from California to be a guest judge and to perform once again.

The lucky winner of Opportunity Orange is going to win $300 and free recording time at a local studio to record an album.

Tony and Dave Pierre were grateful for the support they received from Orange Leaf HQ.

“I have never seen $1000 spent so well in my entire life. Thank you for choosing us as one of the recipients of the 2014 Community Service Initiative,” said Orange Leaf Salem, Mass franchisee Dave Pierre.

Congratulations, Tony. Keep up the great work you do for Orange Leaf and in your community. We here at Headquarters are excited to see the results of Opportunity Orange.

CLICK HERE to see Angie Miller’s performance.