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Nothing like a Froyo Party. The LOVE was WELL Received

Shreveport, La. | July 2014

“People in material poverty face more than just the stresses of what they don’t have. Something as little as a froyo party could mean more than you would expect.”

Orange Leaf Headquarters (HQ) awarded grants of up to $2,500 to over 20 stores March of this year, as part of our second annual Community Service Initiative. Stores were able to apply for grants to help support their local partnerships and community service events.

Our store in Shreveport, La. used their $500 award to support a partnership with HUB Ministries, an organization that exists to walk those in poverty through a process that gives them hope, friendship, community, a place they belong and the skills needed to become self-sufficient, which brings them value and worth. (

About a year ago, HUB Ministries opened its primary outreach outlet called The Lovewell Center.It is a pay or earn business model ministry that teaches concepts of earning, participation, accountability and self-sufficiency.  Inside The Lovewell Center are four businesses where the physical needs of the poor can be met:  The Dresswell, an apparel store, The Eatwell, a food pantry, The Smellwell, a Laundromat and The Drinkwell, a coffee shop. (

To celebrate the first anniversary of The Lovewell Center, the staff of Orange Leaf Shreveport and Bossier hosted a party to celebrate the first anniversary of the Center.

With their $500 grant donation from Orange Leaf HQ, the Orange Leaf staff provided over 200 people with food, punch, cake and froyo.

Tracy Porter, general manager of Orange Leaf Shreveport and Bossier said the birthday party was a huge success.

“The Lovewell staff, volunteers and street family were abundantly overwhelmed and so thankful,” Porter said. “They absolutely enjoyed the party and of course the froyo.”

Porter also said many of the Lovewell staff, volunteers and street family have visited the Orange Leaf store since the party to enjoy some more froyo.

“I heard a comment after the event that really brought me to tears. One of our customers was at the party as a volunteer and brought a card to the store the next day. She said their street family felt like they were a part of something that they otherwise would have never been able to attend.  They were beyond grateful and had one of the best nights they have had in years.” Porter explained.

Porter also said that the founder of the HUB Ministries and the staff have not stopped thanking the Orange Leaf family for putting together such an amazing event.

“We would not feel right taking all of the credit, and that’s why I personally want to thank Orange Leaf HQ for granting us the money to throw the best party ever!” Porter said.

We here at Orange Leaf HQ want to thank Orange Leaf Shreveport for making the most of the grant. Thanks for representing the brand the way it should be represented.